Power of Self Goju Karate is an organization whose objective is to give back to the community from which its members derive. So, in partnership with the community, we pledge to provide a safe haven for those seeking to improve the quality of their physical, mental and spiritual lives by training in the art of Goju karate.

We have recognized the need for men, women and children of all ages to empower themselves with self-defense.  Training students to increase their awareness of surrounding events is a prelude to becoming more confident and safe. Strength training, exercise and meditation builds stamina, which leads to improved overall health.

We value human life, respect the dignity of each individual and render our services to the community with courtesy and civility.  Our members maintain a higher standard of integrity than is generally expected of others, because so much is expected of us.

Power of Self Goju Karate was founded by Master Dave Thomas. Master Thomas is a 7th degree black belt with over 43 years of experience in the martial arts.  Growing up surround by drugs, death and destruction, Master Thomas recognized karate as a saving grace. Having survived the streets, Master Thomas vowed to continue to fight ignorance both inside and outside of his karate class. One of his creeds is "if I can save just one."

The adults in the dojo (school) run the gambit of society from housewives who train with their children, to grandmothers, grandfathers, police officers, lawyers, businessmen and women, to those who are just trying to improve their current situations and behavior.  No one thinks more highly of themselves than they ought to, as they are taught humility.  Karate is a  humble art. 

Our Karatedo (virtues) sum up the essence of our dojo. They are:

  1. We are proud to be karate people.
  2. We shall always practice and study karate.
  3. We shall always be quick to seize opportunities.
  4. We shall always practice patience.
  5. We shall always keep the fighting spirit of karate.
  6. We shall always block soft and hit hard.
  7. We shall always believe that nothing is impossible.
  8. We shall always discard the bad.
  9. We shall always keep the good.
  10. We shall always be loyal to ourselves, karate and god.

Dave Thomas

Chief Executive Officer

Vanessa Nicholson


Joshua Wilson

Vice President

Eliza Pereira


Donnie Sauls


Danyule Alston


Power of Self Goju

 In loving memory of our late Grand Master Leon "Major" Wallace

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