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Sam McGee

A disciple of Major Leon Wallace who introduced the GOJU style of karate in Harlem, U. S. A. After many years as a pupil he opened a Dojo In Harlem, NY  and founded Harlem GOJU. Sensei McGee was known by all his competitors as a fierce and ferocious fighter. He has won many, many grand championships in both form and fighting and also achieved his master's degree. Referred to as The Crocodile for his many sweeping and dumping techniques. He is the current Grand Master of Harlem Goju and CEO of the Harlem Goju Association.

Leon "Major" Wallace

Major became a pupil of Peter Urban at the age of 35 and studied at his Chinatown Dojo In New York City. Among his many accomplishments were, becoming The East Coast Regional Grand Champion at age 47, published in Various Karate magazines and competing with the likes of Chuck Norris, and also achieved his master's degree. Referred to as The Flying Eagle because of his airborne techniques. Hew

Peter Urban


While living for a period in Japan, Sensei Urban was a student of Richard Kim who introduced him as a pupil to Gogen Yamaguchi. He achieved his master's degree (Fifth Degree Black Belt) in Tokyo.

Peter Urban is the original propagator of the USA/ URBAN GOJU style of karate in the United States. He opened a dojo in NYC,  Chinatown in 1967. He authored several books, including The Karate Dojo, which was the first book of its kind to receive national recognition and is mandatory reading for many USA Goju practitioners.His name and legacy lives on with the  The Urban Gojudo "Fight Schools Network.

Gogen Yamaguchi

10th Dan Patriarch of Gojuryu. the Founder of the first GoJu Karate School in Japan. The primary disciple of Miyagi. Referred to as THE CAT because of his catlike movements and long flowing hair.He was one ofSensei Miyagi's senior students in Japan. In 1951 he was promoted to Grand Master and the rank of 10th Dan.

Chojun Miyagi


Founder of Goju Karate in the late 1920s, he blended the strong snap techniques of the Okinawan style with the dynamic and free technique of the soft Chinese Kempo. It was thus that the beginning of the highly distinctive Gojuryu Karate system was evolved: Go = HARD Ju = SOFT

He was born in Okinawa in 1888 and started training at the age of nine. In 1937 he received the first doctorate degree ever awarded in Karate.

Master Dave Thomas

Dave Thomas is a 7th degree black belt and senior instructor with the Harlem Goju Association.  He has over 44 years of martial arts experience.  He has trained with some of the most revered instructors of our time, Bobby "Master Buda" Wooden, Grand Master Happy Crump, Grand Master Dr. Khemfoia T. Padu, Grand Master Earl Woodbury, Grand Master "Major" Leon Wallace and Grand Master Sam McGee.  He is the founder of Power of Self Goju which has several dojos in New York and New Jersey.  Master  Thomas is a champion competitor and has won thousands of awards for kumite, self defense and kata. 

History of USA Goju

How USA Goju came to Harlem, NYC

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