Power of Self Goju

Please be advised that the karate promotions will start June 2015.  The location and exact date will be announced.  The test will be conducted in 4 parts.  The various parts of the exam and the cost are as follows:

Part 1, is the take home written exam enclosed in this e-mail (complete by 7/06/15).

Part 2, is the pre-test consisting of basic techniques, self-defense, kata, weapons and muscular endurance drills. (Anyone failing this part will be allowed to re-test)

Part 3 is the follow-up mini exam. Consisting of 50 true/false questions.

Part 4 is the Promotion Ceremony, board breaking and demonstrations.

 The cost of the karate promotion is $50.00.  The fee will cover the cost of your belt, official diploma, breaking boards and printing.   Payment is due by July 7, 2015. 


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